A few things people have said about us:



Resonance FM (16:04) on Bonanza and Son show



NuSound Radio 92FM on Pete Days show (broadcast 04/12/2014)





'It's not often you can say Forty Elephant 's drop through your door, on this outing that's a shame'


Ian Cripps, Fatea






'An impressive feat from the quartet who merge sounds from folk, bluegrass, pop and Americana to create music that is clearly capturing the imagination of many out there'


Lottie, mixtape couture





'With a wild west sound straight out of East London, Forty Elephant Gang have picked up the baton passed round the capital from hands of Mumford and Sons via a slew of heartbroken, bearded, poets in backrooms and bars. '


Scott Edgar, Folk and Tumble




'A riot of upbeat catchy folk/pop songs from this quartet featuring banjo, mandolin, guitar and bass. They're so good you'll be humming their tunes for ages after the show.'


Annie Windley, Softy Softly -  promoter


'An unmistakeable British influence is clear, a folk-pop feel with early sixties overtones; add strong lead vocal, heavy-duty instrumental skills and fine harmonies, and that’s Forty Elephant Gang.'


Tim Carroll, Folk Words




'Neo-Bluegrass pop'


Martin Bonanza @ son, promoter





'Innovative, energetic and wonderfully fun, these guys are great musicians and you'll be singing their tunes for days!'


Itunes review (possibly one of our mums)





'Whats that tiny guitar you're playing called?'


A drunken mother at Cambridges Strawberry fields festival


'Lovely stuff'


Shakin' Stevens